To switch to the TkeyNet infrastructure, you will need a backup phrase.

1. Open the TKEYSPACE app;
2. In the bottom menu, press ⚙ to go to the Settings menu;
3. Click on Manage Wallets;
4. On an iOS device, click: Show, on an Android device: Backup;
5. Click Show Key;
6. Rewrite the backup phrase (Private Key) in clear order as shown on the screen;
7. Remove the numbers, only words without commas should remain, for example, "relax sweet", etc.;
7. Copy the result—this is your backup phrase.

Everything is ready?

Click on the button below to creating a TKEY-account and filling out the form to go to TkeyNet. Paste the content into the (Fallback phrase) field when you start filling out the form.

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