Create a TKEY-account on your computer

This method is the safest way to create an account even by disabling your internet connection.

Create offline

1. Click on the Create Offline button to download;
2. Unzip the archive;
3. Disconnect the internet connection (optional);
4. Go to the create-account folder and open index.html;
5. Click on the Сreate Account button;
6. Copy the TKEY-account data to a text file;
7. Make sure that the data is copied correctly.

Create TKEY-account online from any device

A secure way to create a TKEY-account from any PC or mobile device.

Create online

1. Click on the Create Online button;
2. In the window that opens, click on the Create Account button;
3. Save your data to a safe place;
4. Make sure that the data is copied correctly.

Have you created a TKEY account?

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