What is TkeyNet

A network of payment service providers and financial institutions united in one system

TkeyNet builds so that various financial systems from all over the world can interact in one network. The system has a common set of standards that helps to organize a reliable communication channel between financial systems. TkeyNet creates distributed registry technology, where data is stored and simultaneously created and updated on all media for all network participants. Events are recorded using an immutable cryptographic signature and grouped into blocks. Each new database block includes the hash of the previous block, combining them into a continuous and unchangeable chain of information.

Basic features

TkeyNet designed so that financial institutions can enjoy all the benefits of the network and concurrently comply with regulatory requirements

Conducting transactions

Up to 10 seconds-speed from point A to point B

Atomic exchanges

Up to 8,640,000,000 transactions per day

Metadata exchange

ISO, ISIN support

KYC/AML support

Asset tokenization

Unified register

Direct payments

Single fee for payments

Access control

Deposits and withdrawals

Exchanging messages


Binary encoding

URI scheme

Split payments

Trust lines

Authorization levels

Make operations more global

TkeyNet offers a universal message scheme for the financial industry that will help reduce the costs of stakeholders by applying unified payment messaging models for intra-country and cross-border transactions. All participants of the system use a single distributed register TkeyRegister, which ensures the immutability of information, and the level of responsibility of each participant is limited depending on the services provided to them.

The ability to audit

Each transaction recorded sequentially and indefinitely, providing a permanent audit trail throughout the life of the asset between the parties.


Allows you to track transactions and supplement data with relevant transaction information, such as customer identity and risk profiles.


Increases the detail of the transactions commercial agreements to increase the trust between the parties.


Each transaction is verified on the network using independently verified complex cryptography with guaranteed authenticity of the information.


Transactions are made directly between the relevant parties without intermediaries using digital information, excluding counterparties and the associated settlement risk.


Up to 10 seconds—the speed of any transaction from point A to point B in the TkeyNet network.

Managing Risk

For regulated organizations, special-solutions for compliance, verification, and limitation of liability are provided depending on the type of service. TkeyNet offers seamless integration with your organization's existing systems and processes.

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