TkeyConnect is a system for the tokenization of assets

A universal standard that allows companies to tokenize securities, Fiat or digital currencies, real estate or art, precious metals, and other assets

What is tokenization?

Tokenization of assets—the process of transfer of real-asset in the digital encrypted code (a numeric token), which is the accounting unit in the distributed registry TkeyRegister, which provided real value in the ratio of 1:1.

Tokenized assets are any digitized assets that are fully backed by the underlying assets and their real value.

A good moment to move forward

New and secure digital payment options

TkeyConnect is a powerful feature built-in at the system level that solves the problem of protocol compatibility: payment systems, banks, and various blockchains.

The feature provides banks, payment systems, merchants, regional networks, and clearing centers with the ability to: create, manage, and control their digital assets, extending services beyond card payments.

TkeyConnect operates according to a single technical standard, which allows rapid integration for any market participant in a short time and regardless of the technology used.

Basic characteristic

Global management of financial asset tokenization

TkeyConnect developed under regulatory requirements of regulatory authorities

Unification and standardization

Issued assets comply with: ISO and ISIN

Flexible KYC/AML settings

Compliance with regulatory requirements: Compliance, verification settings, compliance with ownership requirements, etc.


Advanced access settings: escrow, time-based escrow, multi-signature access control

Legal note

Tokenized assets are issued under ISO or ISIN, depending on the asset type.

The level of responsibility of the system participant is limited depending on the services provided, for example, exchange operations, banking, cross-border payments, etc.

The limitation of liability differentiates the relationship between participants in the system, such as digital currency providers and banking service providers-ensuring compliance with international and domestic standards; and also excludes affiliation between them.


Licensed organizations are allowed to tokenize Fiat currencies, shares, and other financial instruments: NBFI, banks, and professional financial market participants. User deposits store in insured accounts.

Digital currencies

For tokenization of digital currencies, large trading platforms that have passed the verification and compliance procedure are allowed.

The future of payments

Connect financial assets to the global market: exchange operations, exchanges, I/o, transfers, and others

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Safe and secure

Secure end-to-end payment flow with an immutable register of transactions and operations

Technical standard

Easy integration of any types of assets and services through a single technical standard

Turnkey solutions

A set of programmable APIs and SDKs

Registering the movement of funds

All transactions and operations register in a single distributed registry TkeyRegister