TKEY is about speed

Instant transfers in any country and currency

TKEY is about convenience

One TKEY—hundreds of assets

TKEY this the future

Pay for dinner at a restaurant with an Apple shares

Tkey—pay any way

The system is basing in such a way that TKEY can take any form of value. You can send a TKEY anywhere in the world, and the recipient will decide which currency to use. The technology allows you to pay with any asset, whether it's Apple, gold, or a barrel of oil.

The user owns tokenized Apple shares.

The Issuer of Apple shares is broker A.

Apple shares can exchange for USD.

The Issuer of USD is Bank B.

The user pays for dinner at a restaurant with an Apple share.

Inside the system, messages exchanges between broker A., Tkey, and Bank B.

An atomic operation creates in the registry, Apple/Tkey—Tkey/USD.

Bank B. transfers funds (USD) to the user's bank card.

The user's bank card is bound to the mobile payment system.

Funds are debited from the bank card by NFC-interaction with the restaurant's terminal.

Be independent of complex technical operations

For the consumer, paying for dinner in a restaurant with an Apple shares takes 10 seconds in automated mode, the same as for a regular payment with a bank card. The user can store and transfer: Fiat or digital currencies, shares, or any other liquid-assets and pay in the money that the store accepts. You no longer need to manually perform exchanges, sales, or other operations to make a payment in the store.

TKEY—allows you to access various assets regardless of the country of location. For example, a user from Europe can buy and sell Indian rupees without a Bank account in India.

The user owns Euros (€), he needs to send dollars ($) to relatives abroad—in the application, the user selects the “receiving currency” dollars—clicks “Send”—within 5-10 seconds, relatives receive the amount in dollars. The sender does not need to own dollars, and the recipient does not need to an account in Euros. None of the parties are required to convert currency manually—the system performs exchanges automatically and finds the best conversion rate.

For the convenience of users of the system, the TkeyPay application creates for payment at any point of sale, which allows you to minimize the number of operations with currency withdrawal. The payment currency at the sale point passes in the currency of the country. For example, in Europe—this the Euro, in the United States—the dollar, and so on.

Note. The TkeyPay app is under development.

Tkey—digital identifier for the financial market


For any tasks: maintaining liquidity, transferring information, cross-border payments, collateral, exchanges, etc.


Instant money transfers anywhere in the world


Information about the status of the account is only available to you


Available on any device at any time

The future is already here

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