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Online is a secure gateway through which the user gets access to various assets regardless of the country of location; for example, a user from Italy can buy and send Indian Rupees without a bank account in India, trade securities, or digital assets without a brokerage account with practically zero commission.

How does it work?

Financial institutions provide all assets in the TkeyOnline; assets can be: fiat currencies, digital currencies, securities, or company shares. The user has the right to choose a service provider and add any available asset that can send, exchanged, accepted, or replenished and withdrawn within the application.

The application itself does not store users’ funds and personal data on its servers; deposits are storing with licensed financial service providers that the user trusts.

Regardless of the country of registration or location, a user with an Online account can access various assets, for example, USD, AED, GBP, BTC. Assets can send and exchange without commission; however, it is possible to withdraw only those assets serviced in the user’s country from the system.

Access to the application uses a “secret key,” which is encrypting and stored in secure storage on the user’s side during the session, and after exiting, the application is deleting from the storage. The nature of the cryptography used prevents anyone other than the “secret key” owner from gaining access to the funds stored in the application. Thanks to this, all the user’s assets are kept safe and are used only when the owner decides to spend them: send, exchange or withdraw. Secret key access guarantees users that only they have access to their account; the company, its developers, and any other third parties have no access and control over the accounts.

The TkeyOnline app is different from the usual wallets and banking applications; the owner of the TKEY-account fully controls his assets and is responsible for the security of his “secret key,” bears the risk of losing money in case of losing the key. An account with assets cannot be blocked, restricted, or stopped; the application does not store or request personal data; however, the financial service provider can request personal data for regulatory compliance (AML/CFT AML), and if fraud is detected, it can impose restrictions on transactions with an asset that this service provider provides.

Applying Technology

Fast and cheap money transfers

All transfers in TkeyOnline are processed within a few seconds and at a low cost, and with the growth of partner banks, the geography of payments will continue to expand.

Trading assets without commission

The web application offers users the ability to trade various asset classes around the clock and zero transaction fees in a single secure platform.

Storage of funds

The application is a digital safe that only the owner of the secret key has access to; within a single platform, funds can distribute among various financial service providers.

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