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Ready-to-customize solution to provide liquidity with 0% commission

MarketMaker allows members to get the role of market makers in the TKEY ecosystem with minimal effort to enter the market; a user-friendly web interface, support for many market strategies, setup, and management of trading bots directly from a single panel.

Continuous work (24/7)

TKEY MarketMaker was built for high-loads; reliability and performance are the main foundations that enable trading strategies to be executed 24/7.

MarketMaker in the cloud

Manage your trading system on your cloud via CLI and configuration files, launch MarketMaker directly in Kubernetes or Docker quickly and reliably.

The automated trading system is a professional tool and is not intending for beginners. An unqualified participant risks losing money, while a professional player can profit from the difference from the spread or when he changes his position.

Become a market maker

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