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Comprehensive solution for banks, financial institutions, and corporations

DirectPay infrastructure technology allows banks and financial institutions to instantly and directly make payments with any other banking partner around the world in real-time, with complete visibility and confirmation of funds delivery, 24/7. Financial institutions can use the solution within their banking architecture without disclosing the TKEY technology brand to their customers.

Fast integration

The ready-to-configure programmable interface solution seamlessly integrates with any system, regardless of computer architecture, programming languages, and data heterogeneity. DirectPay can work with old-style systems and allows financial institutions to transition to a new type of payment system seamlessly.

High efficiency

DirectPay provides simultaneous clearing and settlement, provides predictability and real-time visibility of transaction status, reduces capital requirements for international transfers, and eliminates intermediaries, allowing direct one-to-many transactions between financial institutions.

Least complexity payments

Flexible and scalable payment processing solution designed for retail and corporate banking needs; DirectPay provides global, multi-currency, multi-organization, and multi-standard coverage.

Discover a new sustainable channel for international transfers in seconds, at low cost, and without intermediaries

An infrastructure solution is a self-contained mechanism explicitly designed to meet external requirements and internal challenges. DirectPay supports global standards, guarantees real-time operation, significantly reduces costs, ensures predictability of transactions, financial control, and accuracy about liquidity.

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