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TKEY for Industry

TKEY offers an automated mechanism for digitizing industrial assets or liabilities for the supply of goods with strict standards and regulations to provide a complete base in creating a favorable digital market with the ability to interact with financial and industrial systems infrastructures using flexible APIs. The infrastructure solution meets the market demands for interoperability, scalability, security, reliability, confidentiality, and institution-level governance.

Turnkey asset digitization solution with control at every level

Asset digitization (tokenization) is the process of converting physical assets to digital form.

The tokenization of industrial assets creates a favorable socio-economic climate for interested industrial and institutional players, which opens up new opportunities for liquidity management, reduces entry barriers and market fragmentation, increases the efficiency of business processes, facilitates fast settlements with low cost, and allows participants to diversify their investment portfolio due to direct access to transparent infrastructure.

Ready-made APIs and an extended portfolio of ecosystem functions with customizable business logic on top of infrastructure allow industrial enterprises to focus on creating custom applications and on the interests of end-users of services, without the need to create systems: money transfer, exchange, security, and storage.

Tokenization and control

The protocol implements business logic depending on the tasks of the enterprise, the characteristics of the transaction, and other parameters, which allows organizations to manage configuration parameters easily: configure escrow, control the execution of transactions, impose the necessary restrictions on demand, establish strict rules for authorizing asset ownership under the requirements of the AML/KYC/CFT/OFAC policy for individuals and legal entities, control the distribution of dividends, conduct vote and more.

Clearing and settlement

Industrial organizations have access to trade operations and transfers of tokenized assets between accounts using a ready-made solution. The system registers each transaction in a distributed ledger, simultaneously clears and settles for each contract.

Data security and registration

The distributed ledger represents the final records of each transaction from the digital environment and serves as the only source of data reliability. Learn more about the ledger.

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