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TKEY for Individuals

Currently, TKEY is focusing on expanding its global network of partners to provide the best experience in providing services for individuals in the field of money transfers, digital banking, and commerce in the future; however, some foods may be helpful to you soon.

TKEY Online

It is the first web application based on ecosystem’ technologies that allow you to make interbank money transfers with minimal cost, trade assets without commission, store, and transfer various asset classes to other users. With the growing connection of partners in the global network, TKEY Online functionality will expand.

TKEY MarketMaker

It is an automated trading system with a web interface for market makers that provides functionality for managing liquidity, strategies, and position control.

If you have at least $ 10,000 in free capital, knowledge, and experience in trading, you can contact customer service [email protected] to become a liquidity provider in the ecosystem.