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TKEY for Financial Institutions

In the era of rapid digital development, old and bureaucratic systems against modern technologies are becoming expensive and complex; financial institutions need to implement best practices to stay competitive in this new world. TKEY offers interoperable and scalable payments and digitalization solutions that can dramatically simplify processes, reduce costs and risks, increase margins, and help stay ahead of emerging market trends.

TKEY finance


TKEY offers banks and financial institutions a complete solution to process instant local and international B2B/B2C/B2E payments with low cost per transaction and without the need for an intermediary bank.

The ready-to-configure solution allows financial institutions to make direct payments in real-time with any partner bank, complete visibility and confirmation of the delivery of funds, 24/7, regardless of the partner bank’s location.

TKEY offers financial institutions a unified industrial-grade asset digitalization system that provides a standardized mechanism for digitizing any asset class with control at every level and recording financial transactions in a distributed ledger.

A strict set of standards and rules allow organizations to manage configuration parameters easily: set up depositing, monitor the execution of transactions, introduce the necessary restrictions on demand, establish strict rules for authorizing the ownership of an asset under the requirements of the AML/KYC/CFT/OFAC policy for individuals and legal entities.

Business Proposals

Connect your services to the digital landscape

Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate your bank, payment service, or financial platform into the global network without unnecessary effort. Your services become available to other members of the ecosystem, which will significantly expand the reach and availability of financial services.

Banks and Payment Services

Connect services to the ecosystem, which will become available to all TKEY members and partners. The connection process goes through the “payment rails” of the system and allows you to customize the service parameters: countries, conditions for deposits, payment processing fees, AML/KYC/CFT/OFAC requirements, and others.

Financial Institutions

Expand your customer base with a one-time integration of financial assets and services that will automatically become available to ecosystem members.

Become a market maker

The digital network is on the way to develop and needs liquidity; TKEY invites companies to become market makers with a spread size of up to 1.9% and zero commission for transactions.

Start providing liquidity to the ecosystem with MarketMaker, a turnkey automated system that allows you to execute trading strategies 24/7.