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TkeyNet Payment Network

TkeyNet is a network for transparent, secure, and traceable payments with efficient clearing and ten-second delivery for its members anywhere in the world.

The payment system provides participants and ends consumers with uninterrupted real-time processing of national and cross-border transactions, significantly increasing financial services’ quality, safety, and efficiency. Rich functionality and flexible customization of digital instruments open up new possibilities for routing payments to network participants with access to various assets and liquidity markets.

Key Benefits


TkeyNet is an instant payment system that ensures the transmission of a payment message and the final availability of funds to the recipient in real-time on an ongoing basis (24/7). The parties do not need to rely on predicted data; all payments in the system are made directly between two accounts; the sender and the recipient can agree and track the entire chain and the transaction’s status in real-time. The system registers each transaction in the distributed ledger sequentially and indefinitely.

The network unites incompatible infrastructures of financial market participants in a secure, standardized digital environment, ensuring final and atomic settlements between multidirectional systems and under regulatory requirements. Due to its versatile properties, the system mitigates financial market fragmentation and creates a single point of integration for banks, payment systems, exchanges, industrial organizations, which simplifies financial transactions for its participants.

Exchange of values and multilateral netting

Any materials values can of spill-over in the network: fiat or digital currencies (CBDC), electronic money, stocks, bonds, commodities, and others; this opens up new opportunities for creating liquidity markets with any trading pair for efficient settlement operations with low cost.

All assets on the network are “Digital Liabilities” — cryptographically encoded representations of debt receipts (IOU) that ensure that the corresponding equivalents of assets exist outside the network. Digital Liabilities serve as agreed storage of value between the two parties making transactions until the payment obligations are finally. Licensed financial institutions, exchanges, or industrial organizations can issue, transfer, and burn digital obligations between market participants.

A versatile way money moving

The system offers a universal way to move money regardless of the sender’s asset class and guarantees the delivery of the required currency to the recipient in 10 seconds. In the absence of a direct exchange path or insufficient liquidity, an intelligent algorithm will automatically evaluate all current offers and then perform an exchange for immediate payment execution, for example, AED/USD -> USD/GOLD -> GOLD/PKR. Transactions are performing atomically and quickly to eliminate the possibility of partial exchange during routing. A multilevel transaction is either executed entirely with the parameters of the best ratio or canceled automatically.

TkeyNet Payment Network

Technology Advantages

Today’s global payment infrastructure moves money from one payment system to another through a series of internal deposit transfers between financial institutions; since these transfers occur in different systems with a low level of coordination, the funds’ calculation is slow, often 3–5 days, which affects liquidity. However, new digital solutions are emerging on the market to provide a more modern way of moving values—TkeyNet.

The TkeyNet payment network infrastructure helps companies develop domestic and international activities, modernize cash flow control, improve relationships with suppliers, reduce costs, and provide a new level of service for consumers of financial services.

The system provides network participants with a stable payment channel with bilateral consistency and instant finality of settlements, helping to facilitate cross-border settlements with regulatory compliance and control at every level. Financial institutions can provide the best possible service experience for corporate clients, small and medium-sized businesses through new capabilities that significantly reduce transaction costs for payment processing and increase service margins. A turnkey infrastructure solution can open up new use cases such as global payments, B2C payments, and even micropayments.

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