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Trading System

A multifunctional trading system is a crucial element in the ecosystem, due to which market mechanisms and payment network processes are automated: international transfers, cross-currency transactions, and transfer of ownership.

TKEY Exchange Infrastructure

Key Benefits

The trading system is based on a distributed system and does not have a central serving server. Pre-programmed functions automatically control the system and trading around the clock (24/7). The platform provides the technical possibility of direct exchange between participants and uses DLT to protect and store records of transactions and beneficiaries in a cryptographically protected form, which guarantees immutability, finality, confidentiality, and authenticity.

The system’s mechanisms perform all the necessary operations in real-time, such as checking balances, assets, reconciliation, clearing, and creating a final entry in the ledger with information about the absolute completion of the transaction.

The exchange infrastructure does not store deposits and personal data

Assets in the ecosystem are credit forms and IOUs that have issues by market participants (operators). Network operators are responsible for accepting tangible assets outside the network, processing KYC/AML/CFT, and transferring a loan to the TkeyNet network for the deposit made in a 1 to 1 ratio.

The system records the debt on assets and ownership rights, reflected as digital liabilities, which can repay the asset’s service operator by automatically exchanging the ledger entry with subsequent crediting funds to the user’s open account in the traditional system.

TKEY exchange

A ledger entry is an encoded distributed ledger entry that contains the balance of a particular loan. Taking possession of an actual asset off-chain is carried out by signing a contract using a private key and then transferring the ledger entry to an operator.

Direct exchange

TKEY exchange

The mechanisms provide participants with uninterrupted work on finding and compiling proposals without the cost of intermediaries, and the transfer of assets or rights from one owner to another is carried out directly between the parties automatically.

Any asset classes

TKEY exchange

The system provides trading between any asset classes. Trading pairs are creat in both directions (AED/USD, USD/AED) in automatic mode; all assets are available for trading with each asset class, and this opens up new opportunities for market participants to create liquidity markets with any trading pair for efficient and direct settlement operations, for example, SOYBEAN/USD.

Technology Application

The technology is destining to provide liquidity for fiat or digital currencies, goods, securities, and other assets and implement a universal method of moving money regardless of the sender’s currency or asset, which guarantees the delivery of the currency or asset to the recipient in 10 seconds.

The functionality is not limited to cross-border payments; the technology can be used in various fields of activity and depend on the enterprise’s business objectives. The system provides absolute finality and accuracy of calculations with a commission of 0%, provides an API server, and allows settlements between multidirectional systems to ledger financial transactions in a distributed ledger.