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The TKEY ecosystem is a software complex of corporate solutions for the financial and industrial markets, consisting of flexible and continuously interconnected infrastructures that are mild to integrate into any organization’s software architecture.

TKEY ecosystem

The complex of systems was developed as a single ecosystem, within which it is possible to carry out settlements with currency and with other classes of assets, regardless of the architecture of third-party systems; thanks to infrastructure solutions, the ecosystem significantly reduces operating costs, reduces the level of market fragmentation and risk groups associated with financial transactions.

The combination of the rich functionality of the ecosystem and its flexibility makes it easy to implement solutions into existing platforms without the need to create additional infrastructure. Out-of-the-box APIs allow contributors to focus on building custom applications and end users’ interests.

The ecosystem offers interoperable, extensible end-to-end solutions to improve the efficiency of an enterprise’s business processes. Participants can use all the benefits of the ecosystem, as well as its components: an instant payment system, an intelligent settlement system, tracking and registering data in a distributed ledger, tokenization, asset splitting, trading, micropayments, and more.

Ready-made solutions can serve as a reliable stronghold for conducting domestic and cross-border transactions, a system for the industrial sector, particularly for the tokenization of assets, such as grain, oil, precious metals, and financial certificates (Sukuk).

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