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The digital payment landscape

TKEY is building a cutting-edge digital payment landscape with an API to connect various companies worldwide in a single, standardized environment. Participants in the payment landscape can integrate their financial products and services into the ecosystem to expand the reach of service provision and take advantage of other TKEY benefits, including easy, cheap, and instant settlements between multidirectional systems and other functionality available to members.

TKEY digital landscape

The system registers all financial transactions in a distributed ledger around the clock, simultaneously clears and settles for any asset class: fiat or digital currencies (CBDC), electronic money, stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, intellectual property, art, physical goods, and any others.

The digital landscape opens up new opportunities for participants, reduces barriers to entry and market fragmentation, significantly increases the efficiency of business processes, and accelerates the digitalization process. The system provides end-users with access to a wide range of financial services 24 hours a day, regardless of location, and opens up an additional channel for suppliers to receive profit by expanding the client base.

The digital landscape is ready, and on the way to development, TKEY invites you to become one of the first payment and financial services providers—fill out the form on this page to connect.

For payment and financial service providers

The API call-based solution allows companies to instantly connect their services to the digital landscape and access new payment products and financial service providers worldwide.

Integration opens an additional channel for making a profit, due to which the coverage of the availability of services is expanded without additional costs for IT development and marketing.

For companies and developers

Fintech companies and developers can focus on creating new user experiences without obtaining the necessary licenses by accessing new payment products and financial service providers worldwide through an API, eliminating complex low-level tasks.