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About TKEY

TKEY is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions for financial and industrial institutions that simplify, reduce the cost of payment, speed up and make the global settlement process more cost-effective.

The company completely switched to advanced technologies and abandoned bureaucratic systems, which made it possible to provide a fundamentally new experience in the digitalization of assets and significantly improve money flow processes.

We create solutions in combination with modern concepts, best practices, and the global experience of IT companies.

Our mission is to help institutions improve their competitiveness to stay ahead of emerging market trends; accelerate digital transformation and modernization by providing superior experiences that companies can use to grow their businesses and become leaders in their markets.


We are a forward-going team with long-term plans and space-huge ambitions. Our core team is from Russia; TKEY DMCC in the United Arab Emirates incorporated.

We develop solutions that can make life easier for many people around the world. Prospective conceptions and valuable experiences of world leaders—that is what our specialists are seeking day by day.

We always hold our hands on the pulse. Security, stability, and durability—the main principles on which we focus. Together we create the next great company that will bring great technologies to the market.

Dubai TKEY

Making the global payment flow efficient

Financial inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do and every solution we create. Our infrastructure is an excellent alternative to traditional bank transfer systems; with TKEY, international transactions are as simple as domestic bank transfers. The technology provides financial institutions with direct access to simultaneous clearing and settlement, bypassing old, expensive systems, which allows them to focus on developing, rather than creating, payment infrastructures.

Building an international network of financial service providers

In 2021, TKEY completed the development of a distributed payment network and began building an international partner network of various financial service providers, which reduces obstacles to scaling the digital market and building a reliable communication channel for easy, cheap, and direct payments between participants.

Any asset class can flow in the network: fiat or digital currencies (CBDC), electronic money, stocks, bonds, commodities, and others, which offers new opportunities for efficient settlement operations with low cost.

Helping the digitalization of the market

TKEY offers an automated digitization engine for any asset class with a rigorous set of standards and regulations to provide a comprehensive foundation in creating a supportive digital marketplace with the ability to interact with financial and industrial systems infrastructures using flexible APIs that meet market requirements for interoperability, scalability, security, security, confidentiality and institutional level governance.

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