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What’s new: Advanced Overview

Today we will talk about the results of the fruitful work of the company, the release of three new products, the rebranding process, the creation of a blog and a sales department, the modernization of the support service, and the updating of legal documents.

Every day since 2017, we have worked to build a versatile and solid technology base. The team directed all the forces to the creation and solution of complex technical problems that we faced. Overestimated expectations for the speed of product release led us to delays and releases of interim results, which initially could not meet the needs of customers and investors since the ecosystem was still being actively developed.

By the end of 2020, the team had completed developing a genuinely code-intensive system designed to accelerate market digitalization, improve settlement in a fragmented world, and reduce costs.

The year 2021 began by redefining the brand: positioning and values, support, and strategic actions. The company has invested in procedural changes and a comprehensive rebranding, the results of which will be described in this publication.

The vigorous spread of the new TKEY—begins; the company will invest in education and digitalization so that financial and industrial enterprises can visually assess the benefits and cost-effectiveness of innovation in their projects. We will continue to be active in digital initiatives for the Government’s digital transformation, including providing advisory services to governments.

Now that we have a rich technological base and a solid brand vision, we are sharing the results of the company’s fruitful work for the current year.


In a rapidly changing digital world, technology is becoming available to everyone. Our brand awareness among thousands of other companies requires a quality corporate identity that can convey values through visual language and design philosophy and clear concepts, craftsmanship, and creativity. We are rebranding to convey the Brand Spirit to our customers and the world.

The comprehensive rebranding process began in the first quarter of 2021 and continues; at the current stage, we have implemented design changes on the site and the communities in social networks and the design of emails. This year the company plans to complete a process that includes: updating the design of products for corporate and private clients; publication of a dedicated brand page.

Design philosophy

Our brand creates technological solutions for payments and digitalization, where security, stability, and durability are the company’s principles. Brand design should mediate between the digital and the actual world to convey technology’s core values and dynamics to humans.

The corporate identity, color palette, logo, and visuals should represent everything that we are. Design should evoke positive emotions, provoke creation and development, and encourage people to strive to move forward.

The logo is the main element of the brand that provides identity and epitomizes the essence of the brand.

Phoenix is the face of our brand, which symbolizes spiritual strength, the triumph of eternal life, constancy, and faith.

The Phoenix symbol was created from evenly spaced circles with the same radius that form a vortex.


The TKEY logo will be used in every official TKEY message, and in printed matter, it will appear on the front, back, or both sides of the cover.

Brand colors

A unique color palette provides brand awareness and an emotional connection to the brand. Selected shades of gray, black, and white prevail in our interfaces to ensure harmony, readability, and ease of perception of information. The primary shades are blue, which represent innovation, reliability, professionalism, and high-tech.

TKEY colors

Website transformation and blog creation

The site is an integral part of the brand, with the help of which communication between the brand and the client is established in the modern world.


The rebranding affected the site update; the previous design did not fit well with the current worldview of the brand, so the decision was made to completely redesign the design under the brand policy.

The new site contains more content, pages, and presentations that clearly reflect the meanings of our technological solutions; the structure of the pages is available in the visible area in the menu on the left, which makes the surfing process simple and does not allow the user to get confused on the site.

The site’s design is consistent with the principles and philosophy of the brand; each element has been thought out to reflect the company’s ideas to users. The illustrations on the site were individually worked out for each page to convey a visual image. The images were created with a sense of balance and control based on geometry.

TKEY blog

The main reason for developing your own blog was to provides a good user experience. We want our clients to enjoy reading materials. No ads, distractions, or unnecessary content.

Sales department and support service formed

TKEY Support

To improve the level of service provided, the company formed a sales department, transformed its support service, and introduced new technologies. Thus, each received request is registered in the system. A responsible specialist is appointed; upon completion of the request processing, the quality department analyzes the responses.

System for processing incidents and requests

When our clients contact our company with a question or a problem, they expect better service. The incident and ticket processing system improves the customer experience by automatically registering each request and advanced analytics. The entire history of requests is collected in one place so that the support service can instantly study the client and provide him with an individual answer. Each new request is assigned an ID, which allows you to better analyze the work of support agents for each case.

Formation of the quality department

The quality department is a specialized team that will monitor the “satisfaction” of our clients on social networks and analyzes the work of the support service. The goal of the new department will be to control the company’s employees and implement automation systems: chatbots for quick automatic responses, creating a convenient knowledge base and documentation.

Release of new products

TKEY products

By the end of 2020, we have completed the development of the TKEY ecosystem; it is a complex of flexible and continuously interconnected infrastructures, including a distributed ledger, exchange platform, payment network, and other technologies; these are systems based on which you can create various services, financial products, and applications.

Today we are announcing the release of three ecosystem-based products.

TKEY DirectPay

TKEY DirectPay is an instant payment system that allows banks and financial institutions to instantly and directly make payments with any partner bank worldwide in real-time, complete visibility and confirmation of the delivery of funds, 24/7. Financial institutions can use the solution within their banking architecture without disclosing the TKEY brand to their customers.

Flexible and scalable payment processing solution for retail and corporate banking needs. DirectPay provides global, multi-currency, multi-organization, and multi-standard coverage.

TKEY Connect

TKEY Connect is an asset digitization platform with advanced functionality and control at every level.

A complex industrial solution designed specifically to digitize any asset class, no matter the match’s complexity. The solution supports global standards, allows you to comply with regulatory requirements, control the execution of transactions, impose the necessary restrictions on demand, establish strict rules for authorizing asset ownership, set up escrow and handle KYC for individuals and legal entities.

TKEY MarketMaker

TKEY MarketMaker is an automated trading system with a web interface for market makers.

TKEY MarketMaker allows market participants to get the role of market makers in the TKEY ecosystem with minimal effort to enter the market; a user-friendly web interface, support for many market strategies, setup, and management of trading bots directly from a single panel.

Preparing for the release of TKEY Online for individuals

TKEY Online is the first web application based on ecosystem’ technologies with the possibility of money transfers for individuals and access to the exchange infrastructure.

TKEY Online is a secure gateway through which the user gets access to various assets regardless of the country of location; for example, a user from Italy can buy and send Indian Rupees without a bank account in India, trade securities or digital assets without a brokerage account with practically zero commission.

The legal processes required to launch TKEY Online are nearing completion; upon completion of the approvals, the product will become available.


TKEY does everything possible to protect our customers’ information.

Our clients should always be aware of what data we collect and how we use it. Based on the principles of transparency, we have updated our legal documents to enable you to make the best decisions about the information you share with us.

Updated documents are available here.

Have a nice day, TKEY Team

Page last updated: 12 September 2021